16 Hour ILCCL Course qualifies students to apply for Florida and Arizona Non-Resident Concealed Carry Permits 

Legally Carry in 70% of the United States


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Fingerprints are not required for an Illinois Concealed Carry License, having them done can expedite an application.  We have partnered with Background Resources who will provide fingerprinting services at a discounted rate to our students

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* Fingerprinting is not performed at class

We have partnered with Next Level Training and L.A.S.R. to provide our students with state of the art classroom training aides allowing each student the opportunity to train safely and effectively before ever firing a shot.

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Instructors have been certified by the Illinois State Police and the curriculum have been approved.

Instructors have received their Instructor ID Numbers and a Curriculum ID Number has been issued.

Students may request to see copies of all documents at any time.