Students receive a FREE firearm lock provided by the Genoa Police Department  through a partnership with Project Childsafe. (While supplies last.)

Students utilize state of the art classroom training tools before live fire range exercise. 

Students who successfully complete 16 Hours of Illinois Concealed Carry Firearms Training qualify for non-resident permits for Arizona and Florida.

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Fingerprinting is not performed at class
Fingerprinting is not included in price of class

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Owning a firearm is your right.  Making the decision to legally carry your firearm is a decision that helps you protect yourself, your family and the innocent lives of those in your community.  With your decision to exercise your right comes great responsibility.  It is only right that you receive the proper education and training.  It's HG Firearms Training's job to provide you with the training you deserve.

HG Firearms Training provides the most comprehensive and most affordable training in basic personal safety and firearms use.  Focusing on the fundamentals that apply to both new and experienced gun owners.  We target instruction to the individual, specializing in helping our students become safe and knowledgeable legally armed citizens.

While most handgun training includes some tactical elements.  HG Firearms Training is dedicated to providing everyday individuals the training they need for everyday carry and home defense situations rather than highly tactical, combat level training.  Few require professional level or military level training, but everyone who owns a handgun needs to obtain a level of knowledge and proficiency.  Get the training you need.  Practice often and remember:  Anytime.  Anywhere.  Be Prepared.

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16 Hour Illinois Concealed

Carry Firearms Training

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Instructors have been certified by the Illinois State Police and the curriculum have been approved.  Instructors have received their Instructor ID Numbers and a Curriculum ID Number has been issued.  Students may request to see copies of all documents at any time.

Optional Live Scan Fingerprinting Discounts are available to our Students