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Course Are Being Offered by Appointment Only - Contact Us to Schedule a Class.

There has been a tremendous increase in the purchase of firearms by women for personal protection and we understand that sometimes there is a level of intimidation for some women to attend a class full or men who may have more knowledge of firearms than a new shooter.  That is why we are now offering women's only classes for all of our training courses.  If you are interested in a class for women only and have at least 5 students available to attend, contact us to schedule a private class for your group.

We can teach your group Firearms Fundamentals, Illinois Concealed Carry or Enhanced Concealed Carry (Valid ILCCL Required).  We can provide the classroom or if you would like we can meet at your Church, Private Residence or where ever you group might like to meet.  Just contact us to make arrangements.  

Ladies Only Training Course

Although every single woman who has taken one of our co-ed classes has told us that they have felt extremely comfortable with our Instructors and have not felt intimidated, we still have groups of women interested in attending women only classes.  So, what is the advantage of having a private woman's group?

We have found that people in general seem to ask more questions in our classes when they are private groups.  Everyone feels more comfortable when asking that "stupid question" because they feel like no one will judge them.  Although there is no such thing as a "stupid question" we encourage everyone to ask everything when it comes to firearm safety.  That is why private groups are so popular. 

When it comes to concealed carry we can not ignore the fact that the female body is shaped differently than the male body.  Because of this there are different options for carrying a handgun for a woman than there is for a man.  We discuss some of these options in the co-ed classes - but go much more in depth for an all woman's group.  We discuss different holster options that do not pertain to men like thigh holsters, bra holsters, formed hip holsters and off body options.  We discuss the pros and cons for all of these and offer specific options for the women that are safe and reliable.

Not all of our private classes are women only.  Perhaps you have a group from Church or other social group that you feel comfortable with.  If this is the case or you do have a group of women only, contact us to schedule your private group today.  We only require five students to schedule a group at $149 each.  If the group is 10 or more students we offer the class at $99 each. 

What are you waiting for?  Get the best possible handgun safety courses at the most affordable prices in Northern Illinois and best part - do it with your friends!