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Handgun Fundamentals Training Course

The Course is offered throughout the year OR by Appointment.

This is a perfect course for any new shooter or just those who want to become more comfortable around handguns.  It is an 8 hour class going over all aspects of handgun ownership and fundamentals. 

The course can be attended by students under 21 and is transferable for 8 hours toward a Concealed Carry Class*.

We offer this course throughout the year, so look at our Registration Page for dates or contact us to schedule a class.  If you have at least 5 students we can schedule a private group.  We will provided the classroom or we can meet at a suitable place of your choosing.  Perhaps your Church, the American Legion, VFW or even private residence.

A minimum of five (5) students are required for this class.  Larger classes are more interactive and stimulate better training for everyone.  

This handgun fundamentals course does not include live fire exercises - so we have more flexibility of training locations.  Our students will utilize state of the art laser training tools and cutting edge computer software to simulate firing a handgun and learning the fundamentals of shooting.

These classes are excellent for parents who want to teach younger shooters about handgun safety.  Students ages 16 to 20 can attend these courses with a parent or legal guardian. 

* Class hours can only be used toward the ILCCL Class when attending classes with HG Firearms Training.

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