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Illinois Concealed Carry Firearms Training Course

This course satisfies the course  requirements set forth by the State of Illinois and the Illinois State Police to apply for an Illinois Concealed Carry License (ILCCL).  Students are required to actively participate in the classroom portion and successfully pass a practical range proficiency test.

The course consists of two eight hour classes. Students without any previous approved training must complete the total of 16 hours of training.  Students with previous approved training can attend only 8 hour of training. Click Here to see the State approved prior training.  

Upon successful completion of the required training, students will receive the Illinois Concealed Carry License Training Certificate.  

Completion of the course does not guarantee the State will approve the students application to receive an Illinois Concealed Carry License.

Illinois State Law require that students must score no less than 70% on the practical range proficiency test, which consists of 30 rounds fired at an approve B-27 target.  Ten rounds at 10 yards, ten rounds at 7 yards and ten rounds at 5 yards.  No less than 70% of hits must be within the scoring rings on the approved target and recorded by a Certified Instructor.

Illinois State Law requires a total of 16 hours of training in order for an individual to apply for an ILCCL.  Individuals may apply up to 8 hours of approved firearms training obtained prior as credit toward the 16 hours of required training.  Click Here for the Illinois State Police approved training that may be used as credit.

Students Must be able to read, write and understand English and be able to follow all directions issued by all Instructors and staff of HG Firearms Training, inc.

Don't own a handgun and still want to take the course?

No Problem!  You have a few options.  Your best option is to attend the course with a friend or family member who owns a firearm and you can share.  Good news, we offer discounts when two or more students sign up together.  Another option, if  you possess a valid FOID, you can borrow a handgun from someone.  If all else fails, we have a limited number of firearms for rent.  Handgun rental is $12.00 and you are required to use our ammunition.  9mm box of 50 is $22.00 and .22 LR is  20 rounds  $6.00. WE MUST KNOW AT LEAST 5 DAYS PRIOR TO CLASS IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO RENT A HANDGUN  

Don't have your FOID and still want to take the course?

No Problem! (Well, sort of.) Illinois State Law does not require you to possess your FOID in  order to attend this course.  However, we need to make sure you are clear on a few things.  You can not apply for your ILCCL until you have in your possession your FOID.  You can not bring a firearm with you to class without a FOID.  You can not bring ammunition with you to class without a FOID.  We will not rent a firearm to you without a FOID.  In order to attend the course without a FOID you will need to have someone with a FOID transport and possess the firearm and ammunition throughout the entire course.  

You will be able to use the firearm at the range for the proficiency test.  This is another good reason to have a friend or family member, with a valid FOID, attend the class with you!   If you do not have someone with a FOID to attend the class with you, please contact us for additional options. 

What you learn in class

I have heard it countless times "I've been shooting all my life and the 2nd Amendment gives me the right to carry."  Well, we are not here to argue with you about either of those valid points.  However, the current law says you need the training and you need the License to carry in the State of Illinois.  No matter how much someone argues, these things are not going to change any time soon.  Other things I have heard countless times is "Thank you!  Thank you for making the class interesting, interactive and informative."  "I know I've been shooting a long time but I actually learned a lot in your class."  "I am a new shooter and you made me feel comfortable and confident."  Our job is to make your training as personal as possible and make sure everyone walks away with valuable information and tools in order to carry a handgun confidently, compitently and in accordance with the law.  Every Instructor in the State of Illinois is required by law to teach the same material listed below.  We provide this material to you in a proffessional, comfortable and safe environment using state of the art training aides at an unbeatable price. 

Firearm Safety

Principles of Marksmanship

Care, Cleaning, Loading & Unloading of a Concealable Firearm

Weapons Handling

All Applicable State & Federal Laws Relating to the Ownership, Storage, Carry & Transportation of a Firearm

*Defining dwelling, aggressor, forcible felony and unlawful use of weapons pursuant to the ILCS.

HG Firearms Training provides our students with even more training than is required by State Law.  Every student performs dry fire exercises with state of the art training aides which allow the student and Instructor to identify strong attributes and any weaknesses in the shooters performance before ever firing a shot.  Our equipment, provided by Next Level Training and L.A.S.R. is recognized by the US Concealed Carry Association and the NRA.  We also go a step further and perform drawing from concealment, holster selection and preparing for the aftermath of a self defense shooting.  

More and more Illinois Citizens are choosing HG Firearms Training for exceptional and affordable firearms training. 

Eligibility Requirements to Apply for Illinois Concealed Carry License 

Illinois Residents


Illinois State Police FAQ


What States Honor the Illinois Concealed Carry License

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Accepted Courses for Prior Training Credit


Illinois Law - Public Act 098-0063

Official Firearms Concealed Carry Act

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