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3 Hour Concealed Carry License Renewal Course

This course satisfies the course  requirements set forth by the State of Illinois and the Illinois State Police to apply for current Illinois Concealed Carry License (ILCCL) Licenses to renew their ILCCL.  Licenses are required by the Illinois Concealed Carry Act to complete a three (3) hour refresher course every five (5) years.  

The course will consist of reviewing Illinois Law and the Illinois Concealed Carry Act, a practical range proficiency test as well as additional required curriculum.  Students are required to actively participate in the classroom portion and successfully pass a practical range proficiency test.

The course consists of one three hour class. Students must have a current and valid ILCCL and FOID.  Upon successful completion of the required training, students will receive the Illinois Concealed Carry License Training Renewal Certificate.  Completion of the course does not guarantee the State will approve the students renewal application.

Illinois State Law require that students must score no less than 70% on the practical range proficiency test, which consists of 30 rounds fired at an approve B-27 target.  Ten rounds at 10 yards, ten rounds at 7 yards and ten rounds at 5 yards.  No less than 70% of hits must be within the scoring rings on the approved target and recorded by a Certified Instructor.

Illinois State Law requires a total of 3 hours of training in order for an individual to renew the ILCCL.  

Students Must be able to read, write and understand English and be able to follow all directions issued by all Instructors and staff of HG Firearms Training, Inc.

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Training Illinois - One American at a Time

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